Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Trix models for you

Dear Amy,

Here in this picture, Trix is showing you the can of Bar Harbor lobster chowder that he found at the local Wild Oats. I found it to be relatively exciting, since I lived in Bar Harbor when I was a wee baby.

Here, Trix is modeling the pink thrummed mittens that I just finished. I think they're a little big for him, but hopefully they will fit a human nicely.

Here are the fuzzy insides of the mitten. It's like little pods of wool all over.

And here is Trix modeling one last time with the paper that I did not read for my biochemistry class. I am finding it rather strange that I have absolutely no motivation to excel in this course. In fact, during class I mostly sit through the lecture and think to myself, I wish he would stop talking.

That's all that Trix and I have to show you today. Hopefully by the next time I write I will have a new bunny- a mini lop. Our rabbit transaction is scheduled to happen this Friday afternoon. If you don't hear back from me, it's because the crazy rabbit lady kidnapped me.


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