Tuesday, September 4, 2007

bunny bunny bunny

I am getting a bunny!! Hopefully tomorrow. Although I am quite certain that the woman who is selling me the rabbit (off of craigslist) is terribly insane. We have been in communication through email, and at first she sounded, well, energetic. I attributed her use of many exclamation points to be an extension of her bunny passion. But now I'm beginning to think that she may be a little psycho. So my plan is for this deal to go down like a drug deal. Discretely pass her the money, grab the bunny and run.

I also wanted to mention, I was only able to view your black socks with the red/pink embroidery when I enlarged the picture and then I only knew they were yours because I recognized the project. You should get a better picture up so that our large readership will be able to see your most excellent work. Great job on the ribbons! You are awesome.


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