Monday, July 2, 2007


Thank you for the dietary information. James thanks you too. Considering he ate a loaf of bread last Friday, I think he's getting a fair share of carbs, though it's always good to be aware of what to eat. And your advice was actually quite helpful. As to the biochem reference--I don't process information in the same way that you do. I guess I don't think very much of what the purpose of things are. Reasons and proofs live in a fuzzy little hut on the outer rim of my brain.

Speaking of being confused, I'm still confused as to why you're going to D.C. I mean, I guess you don't need more of a reason than you're visiting for the fourth festivities. It's just . . . that's a long way to go. I knew this girl from highschool who carried a copy of the constitution with her wherever she went. She wanted to be reminded of her rights. I thought that was a little obsessive, though I appreciated the gesture. Do you listen to NPR? Watch West Wing? Engage in political activities? Personally, I do those activities rather infrequently, though everyone I know who does has an aura of political opinion, and I tend to enjoy their company. I can't believe that I missed Canada Day. I even went to Canada last year for the holiday, and I completely forgot about it this year.

I was lying in bed tonight (before I got up and started making soup and then decided to go online while it simmered). I was thinking about camp and about how I sort of cut myself off from all relationships with people there. And then I did some poking around online in a few places, just enough to get an idea of what was going on in the world of lost camp counselors. I was struck by the fact that many of my past friends still keep in touch with one another. Perhaps it is only in a superficial way, but now that I think of it, it takes time and effort to keep up with people. And to call that superficial is most likely not an accurate description.

I think it can get to a point, though, where if you try to keep up with too many people, it stops working properly. The return lessens after a certain point. (like a parabolic curve) Not that I shouldn't have kept up with the camp folk. I was just musing. If I tried to stay in contact with all of them and then with all of my highschool friends and now keep in contact with college friends, as well as the family back home, don't you think it would be too much? Perhaps not. But I haven't proven myself entirely successful up to this point with staying in contact with people. It helps when you see them once in a while.

I'm really glad we're doing this blog thing. I value your friendship. And your opinions, sense of humor, not to mention your fiber expertise. I haven't been this dedicated at keeping in touch with anyone in a long time. (Well, besides with James. But that was different.) I suppose we're just getting started in that department, but you can't get very far without starting. I also enjoy the idea that the more you talk to someone, the more you have to say. It no longer becomes an obligation to mention only the significant news in your life. You can start talking about the little things, get beyond the superficial news and continue to know a person. So thanks for this. I enjoy it.

I've made a short list. Two short lists.

Good things about NM:
  • Pecans (the #1 producer in the nation)
  • Aliens (it's always good to have some mystery, and maybe they really did land in Roswell)
  • They sell cacti in the grocery store, both canned and fresh
  • There are still trees here!! Vegetation is not completely inexistent, nor foreign.
  • Indiana Jones. New movie totally being filmed here. We were thinking of going to watch them film it one weekend, only it ended up being in a far away corner of the state.

Sad things about NM:
  • They only sell one brand of cookie dough ice cream (as far as I can tell, I mean, I haven't searched the whole state or anything)
  • There's limited recycling and most people tend to drive giant white trucks
  • I don't understand the TV system. You know how they say, 5/6c? Well, they still do that here, only it's neither eastern nor central time, so I am always confused about what time a show is supposed to start. Does the five mean for all time zones except central? Or should I be looking for this show at 7? So confusing.
  • It's too hot to wear wool. I don't know about their winters, but when 91 starts to feel cool to you, you have to wonder how cold it ever gets here.
  • Oh, and the thunderstorms are not at all comforting in the sort of way that rain could be soothing back home. Oh no! It's windy and freaky outside.
  • And the cheese tastes really weird.
My soup is done. It's cooling a little, but I think I'm going to put it in the fridge now and let it soak up some flavors so that I can gobble it down tomorrow, tasty and delicious.

I agree with you about the diva cup. I couldn't really end this post without mentioning it. (This has kind of become a conglomerate of many different topics, few of which seem to be related.) I am a big fan of mine and I don't understand how it's possible that more people don't know about it. I mean, I barely heard about it before I bought it. Apparently they've been around since the seventies or so. That's complete hearsay by the way, I'm not sure if that's true or not. But you brought up an interesting point about the periods I thought, and our quest to end them. Are we just trying to leave our individuality behind and join the world of men? AHHH!! My window is buzzing. Sorry, I can't handle it, I'm going to leave my desk now (which is adjacent to the window) since it's freaking me out. Sorry for the abrupt ending.


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