Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Intro and a Horror Movie


I feel like you left me in a horror flick with your window buzzing. Was it a bear? Was it a large bee? Was it somebody...or something...else? I don't know!

I'm going to Washington because I'm trying to effect knitterly change. And because my mom had a teaching conference there through today, and now I'm heading out to vacation and sight see with my parents a bit. It should be lots of fun! I'm not going by myself. That would be weird.

I'm packed and ready to go, and even heading out of work a bit early today to do it. I finally narrowed down my selection to three knitting projects to bring that should keep me going:

1) the yarn I spun and the mittens I'm beginning to make with it

2) a large dishcloth

3) the lace sweater. I had to rip back a few repeats in the front right hand side I was working on, since I had messed up my mathematical calculations. Actually, my calculations were perfect, merely the thinking behind them was off...I was decreasing less than I though because I though that I should, even though that's wrong. You see, I increased less on the body, but I wanted the same amount of decreases at the end, and I did that on the back, but was forgetting to do that on the front, which doesn't work mathematically.

I think that should get me through a range of activities for 5 days and 2 fairly short flights.

Anyhow, I'm inspired by your meta analysis of this site to just throw out a quick introduction to the two of us if anybody else ends up here. I'm Amy, you're Karen, and we are knitters. Karen taught me how to knit when I began college, as well as got me through chemistry class, which is one of the reasons why I am able to attend medical school today, as that is slightly required. Karen and I are crazy. Especially when we study for chemistry tests together. We recently graduated from our common undergraduate institution, a lovely place with many rocks, a river, much earth, and a big sky, and are heading to higher levels of education that do not necessarily contain all such things. We are sciency people, and we are knitters. We began to write to each other on here, à la Mason-Dixon, which I'm a fan of. And now we are here, we knit, we have extramundane relationships with other worlds such as spinning, sock creature making, sewing, social issues, health issues, and we talk to each other.

Wish me luck! I'll bring Bush extra needles, and eventually we'll change the world!

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