Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sergeant Pepper


Speaking of babies, this is our little baby pepper. He likes to grow by our kitchen window. I like to joke that as soon as our baby gets big enough, we can eat him. I enjoy the way the plant makes it look as though it's squeezing out the pepper, like a tube of toothpaste. Push! Push! Push!

I'm not quite sure why this is underlined, but let's just go with it. My next project is the "Reading-in-Bed Shrug." I've been doing a fair amount of reading in bed, so naturally this choice made sense for me. I tried some different lace options, and this is one swatch of several that I tested for the pattern. In the end, I did not actually go with this swatch. I decided that it had too many yarn overs and it might be difficult to see the overal pattern. So I'm going with the original pattern, after all that consternation. It's a little simpler and pretty easy to follow.

This is how far I am on the actual project. Hey, the underlining went away, how about that. It's not very far past the ribbing on the cuff, but hey, it's better than nothing. The purple is such a lovely color. I commend you for your dying job. Hey, is it possible to dye with beet juice? I've always thought it has such a nice vibrant color.

I got to meet some of James' co-workers. They were having a barbecue this Saturday. We brought cake. It almost felt like a church pot-luck . . . until we got there. They seem like good people, we played volleyball and it was nice to finally meet a lot of the guys. But, you know, I might liken them to a lot of the residents in Dirty D. Not exactly the type of people I hang out with. Nor, honestly, the type that James hangs out with. It made for an interesting time, if nothing else.


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Amy said...

Do you want me to take the underlining out? Hahaha. You're great. Love it.