Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Promiscuous Girl


I am a loyal person. I am loyal to my friends. I am loyal to my man.

Why am I not loyal to my knitting?

My desire to start a lace shawl right now is only curbed by my lack of lace yarn for it. Or else it would be started right after work today. Right away!

The funny thing is, I could knit lace. I have a lovely lace sweater in the works, as we know. I must control my desires! Also, I'm going to Washington D.C. for Independence Day, which should be really fun. And lace would be such an easy project to take along...

What should I do? What should I bring? It's so hard to pack light when I don't know what I'll feel like knitting that week...

I'm super scared. Because I feel that I’ve broken my garbage disposal. I was making something and then I thought I just had water in the sink, but apparently there was more, because there was this loud sound, and I though “Oh NO!” and then smoke was emanating from the sink hole. And then it stopped working. I didn’t think I’d put any metal down there, or any knives, but when I got up the courage to shine a flashlight down there, I saw some metal. I pulled it out and think it is the end of a table knife, though it is hard to tell. However, does that mean the rest of the knife is in there? I don’t know! I’m so scared of disposals. When they are hidden, that is okay, but when they break, you might have to put your hands in there, and…

I hate really thinking about that, so much. Ohhhh! Heebie Jeebies all over the place! Let’s just say that garbage disposals are very hard to fix emotionally for me. However, I think I may have just overloaded the disposal, and apparently on most disposals there is a red button to push on the bottom to reset it. In this case, pushing the red button might save me from buying an entire other disposal for the apartment. I really hope so. The only issue is that there may be more knife pieces hidden in there, and I might need to take them out first beforehand…AHHH!

Breath. I must breath.

Maybe a few pairs of old bent knitting needles would help in this situation to poke around down there? Lose a needle, save a knitter’s hands? Okay, I really can’t talk about this anymore. I’m just so…my fingers feel so squishy…

Ew ew ew ew ew,

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