Wednesday, June 27, 2007


First of all, I loved your rant. It gave me great joy. The Washington Defense of Marriage Alliance reminds me in a certain way of our holy FSM. Let us fight injustice always with sarcasm!

I am sorry about your garbage disposal. I have never broken a garbage disposal before, but I can empathize with that moment of sheer panic that you feel when it first hits you that something has gone terribly wrong. Similar to the rising of water in an overflowing toilet. Or realizing you just spilled red nail polish in someone else's white-walled bathroom. Your situation did remind me of a poem I just read, though only the first few lines of it are relevant. It's too long to share it all here, but I will share the first few lines. It's called "Finished" by Ai:

You force me to touch
the black, rubber flaps
of the garbage disposal
that is open like a mouth saying, ah.

I think the aversion to touching disposals is universal. Maybe you can make friends with someone is willing to squish around in there for you.

I've given myself the title of household coordinator. I think it has a nice ring to it. It makes it almost sound like I do something around here. The interesting thing to me is that the more time I have, the less I get accomplished. It's the most confusing concept to me. Like a proverb from the bible: Those who are first will be last, and those with the most time will not make proper use of it. I guess it's more so the nature of unstructured time. It tends to run away from you.

My main duty as household coordinator is to prepare food. I shouldn't say that I do that exclusively on my own either. It's kind of a cushy job. But one thing that I am realizing is that James and I have completely different dietary needs. I was about 1/3 vegetarian until I started this gig, and now I'm eating meat every day. And the most exercise I get is a nice walk to the grocery store or library. James, on the other hand, is working is working himself to death. Actually, I'm kind of serious about that one. I'm worried about him. He comes home with fresh bruises or mat burns almost every night. And he's losing muscle rather than gaining it, because he doesn't have the time to rest and let his body regenerate. We're on slightly different exercise schedules. Oh, plus, he has a bit of a bad knee. He had to stop playing soccer after high school because of his knee, and now it's starting to act up on him again. I've been making him protein snacks. I'm pretty sure that's a limited solution though. I'd like to think that legumes could solve all of our problems, but sometimes you just need more in life.

Speaking of, I should start dinner.

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