Saturday, April 7, 2012

book of stories

I am really enjoying making toys right now. They are so much fun! And I wanted to share one more thing that can be done with these knitted toys.

Shutterly recently sent me a coupon for a free photo book, and I used the opportunity to make a picture book for little M. I took pictures of Tweet and Twiddle from around our neighborhood and put together a story.

The book turned out really well, and I am sure that M will enjoy reading about her birdlets' valiant quest to find their lost mother. She might be a little young still to understand the literary significance of this work, but I think she's already enjoying it on a baby level:

This was so easy to put together! I think it would make a great gift for a child, regardless of whether or not it followed the story of knitted toys or store-bought toys. The photo books start at $13, and shutterfly frequently has sales for these kinds of items (in fact, they have a sale going on right now). That's not too expensive, and it's a lovely way to create a home-made book.


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