Tuesday, August 9, 2011

a cheese post

I have something to show you. I made this:

I know, it's not knitting. But it's brie! Look how moldy it is. I'm calling it a success. It is very important for me to consider this a success, because the brick cheese that is sitting around in my cheese refrigerator is not ripening properly, and the sweater I am about to cut open to see if it fits will presumably be a disappointment. So, surrounded by likely cheese and knitting failure, I am going to label this brie as a success.

Speaking of cutting open:

Look at that delicious gooieness. Doesn't it make you want to grab some crackers?

Well, okay. This cheese was not a total success. I let it over-ripen and it was . . . well, powerfully flavorful. And runnier that it had a right to be (see picture below). But this is the first aged cheese that I have ever made, and I am proud of it! Roar! Awesome cheese!

Also, as a side note. Because I look like this right now:

I am not really supposed to eat soft cheeses like brie (for fear of listeria or something). I just wanted to add a disclaimer and mention that I did bake the cheese before I ate it. Although it was as runny as the picture shows even before it was baked.


PS. You may wonder about the robot arms in the picture. I was attempting to hug the baby palm tree, but it was too tiny.

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