Sunday, November 28, 2010


Everything that I am knitting right now is purple. I took a look at my ravelry projects and noticed a similar theme. This is something I did not know about myself, that I was drawn to the red and purple hues.

Now that I finished these gloves, I may move on to something less purple . . . or not, since it's such a fine color.

Can I just say that these look horrible? The fingers are all floppy-like. It's not until they are slipped onto the hand that they look worthwhile. Maybe it's just my poor photography skills, but I'm glad they don't look as wretched while being worn. Here's my artsy hand-model shot that looks much better:

In case you were wondering, this is my ballerina hand. It took years of practice to cultivate. I hope you appreciate.

These are not for me, although I do enjoy the grape smell. I shipped these out a couple weeks ago to LaKeisha in Ohio. I am hoping that they fit.


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