Wednesday, August 25, 2010


This last winter was pretty cold for Arizona's standards. I believe this was due to the fact that it was an El Nino year, which made it a bit more soggy and cool than normal. National guard was even called out for Flagstaff area because of all the snow (although snow wasn't really an issue where I live).

This abnormally cool season led me to believe that it would be appropriate to make some winter knits, and I started a few projects. I started blogging about them too, but then I never actually posted pictures of the finished products.

The truth is that, save for a couple days a year, these projects are probably inappropriate past late morning--even in the winter months. I think I was being overly optimistic that these projects would get any real use out here. I guess we'll see what happens. It's still fun to create.

Part of me was being rational, and told myself to at least leave off the sleeves. I think this was a good choice.

Hooray for vests!


PS. When it's cold enough to wear (and when I have someone to take pictures for me) I will post a photo of these sweaters in action (aka being worn).

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