Saturday, July 3, 2010


It's good to hear from you! I have heard of morels before, but I have never seen one. They look like pieces of coral to me.

This is what I have been working on recently:

Back when I was living in New Mexico I decided to start collecting fabric and cutting it into itsy bitsy squares. I may have even blogged about it, back when we were both better about documenting our crafting escapades. And as of recently, I decided I had enough fabric squares to start my watercolor quilt. Plus, I acquired a sewing machine, which was somewhat necessary for this phase of the quilting process. So this is what I have been doing:

This is so much fun. After beginning this three years ago, I started to think that it would never come to fruition, but look! It's starting to work itself into a real product!

Your wool looks wet and pungent and wonderful. I like the rainwater. I was at biosphere 2 this past week, and it started to drizzle outside (the monsoons are coming!) This elicited an announcement: "Everyone! It's starting to rain outside!" And then there was cheerful applause, and a few people ran to the window to take a look. It was really a big deal. I smiled to myself.

I want to call this my biosphere sweater, because all but one of the sleeves was knit while I was on the biosphere 2 campus.

It's a little bit washed out in the picture, but I am so pleased with how the color turned out. I hand-painted the yarn ages ago and finally found a project to use it. It also reminds me of a watercolor, because the colors blend together so nicely. This is my first baby sweater, and my first yoke sweater. I really enjoy how quick it is to knit for babies.

Hope you are doing well, take care!


PS. Happy independence day.

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Amy said...

Your use of color in that quilt is really lovely!