Friday, May 28, 2010

summer knittin'

I haven't heard from you in so long! How are things with you?

It is for sure summer in AZ, and I am still picking away at this sweater, which seems wholly inappropriate for summer knitting and has therefore been sitting by itself on the couch for the last few weeks. If I get the motivation to finish it up, I have big plans for my next thoughtful project. These plans involve soft gorgeous alpaca.

The one summer-appropriate project that I was working on was this baby blanket. This was a project for my friend Dawn--who just had her baby a couple of days ago! Congrats Dawn!

Do you see that lighter-colored yarn? The one that looks sort of light pink? Well, it used to be white. I actually like this look better, but the dye ran so badly that it completely dyed the yarn pink. I gave it a good vinegar bath and hopefully those colors will be done running. (oops!) I learned from this project to always check for color-fastness when knitting with high-contrast colors.

In other non-knitting related news, I thought I would tell you about James' "Mini-Me" . . . I mean Dutch. Do you see this picture? Dutch is wrapped up in a snuggie. On the bed. I don't think this dog could get any more spoiled. A while back, I came home and found all this soggy dog food in the trash. It turns out that James was having a bowl of cereal and naturally thought that whatever he was doing, Dutch should do too. (I suspect that Dutch was holding out for the people cereal, and that's why he left his dog food untouched. James has trained him to eat from a spoon)

Now that he's not the only dog in the family, Dutch is learning (begrudgingly) to share. And he now eats his dog kibble about ten times faster.


PS. I was out running with Dutch last week and this guy in a car leans out and calls my name. I didn't recognize him at all, but then I thought that maybe it was someone that James works with. In the end, it turned out that he had confused me for someone else. But yet . . . someone with the same name. Huh.

PPS. I feel like I'm starting to accrue a number of hippie products, but I have to at least recommend this deodorant. It actually works, and it doesn't have any aluminum in it. I like the fact that it is unscented.

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