Tuesday, November 24, 2009

must . . . finish run . . . so I can knit

Everything still hurts. Even my toes. Which, apparently, is a motivation to keep knitting.

I think I told you that James and I are training to run a half marathon this December. I'm a newbie at running, and I'm sure I'm still slow, but we're working on adding the miles rather than the speed. Generally I've been running in the mornings and James has been running in the evenings, but this weekend, I decided to wait for him to come home from work for us to run together. Which meant that we were running nine miles at noon, with the sun at its zenith. Now, we may be having the same lows as Iowa right now, but our highs are in the 70s. Which isn't even that hot! So I don't know what happened, but the sun was beating on us, we didn't have water, and our run--which should have lasted 90 minutes--took over two hours.

We stopped at three places to try to find water. The first place we stopped was a church, and although I couldn't find a drinking fountain inside, we let Dutch drink out of the decorative fountain at the foot of three metal crosses. I finally found water for us by sneaking into a hotel and looting cups from their breakfast nook.

Finally, with water in us, we completed the run. I swear to you today, I will only run when it is cooler than forty degrees outside. Well, maybe some exceptions to that, but never never again when the sun is so high in the sky.

I thought maybe I would get some work done this weekend, but I was so sore that I didn't want to move ever again. So I forgot about research and started a sweater instead. In my opinion, knitting is almost always a better use of time than school work. So that's what I did.

PS. I finished the shrug with your yarn. Actually, I think I told you that, didn't I? Anyway, I'll post a picture once I have James around during the day time.

PPS. It was good seeing you. Have a happy Thanksgiving.


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