Thursday, December 11, 2008



She's having a girl! My friend Jessica is pregnant, and we just learned that she's having a girl! Now, I owe Jessica. I owe her big time. Not only is she really nice, but she's really nice. I worked with her this past summer, and when I got behind on my work, she took over and did about 10 of my transcriptions for me.

You really have to understand how horribly annoying transcriptions are to do in order to love her so much. Because that took days and days of her time, and she asked for nothing in return. I really appreciate it.

So I'm really excited to knit her something nice, and I'm actually going to knit her something really special, in appreciation of what she did for me this summer as well. Because I truly wouldn't have finished my research this summer without her help!

I'm trying to stay on task...I really am. It's going to be a late April baby. So I'm thinking...summer baby...knitting might not be a good idea! But toys are always good, no? Bunny? Otto? Elephant? This is cuteness overload.

I'm really leaning toward a bunny with a cute knitted dress. I think that'd be adorable.

And then I've heard that it's a good idea to give gifts for later on as well, not just the first few months, and so I thought, well maybe a nice sweater for when she's months 6-12, and not growing quite to fast, too! My favourite is the baby surprise jacket, and I think if I make it a little larger, it would be nice for growing into.

Oh my gosh! I'm in finals! I need to stop thinking about this!!!!

Love you.


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Karen said...

Transcriptions?! I share your pain. I transcribed about an hours' worth of dialogue today, and my wrists hurt from typing so much. Transcribing is pretty much all I plan on doing during my winter break.