Monday, November 10, 2008

umm, well, sorry about that voting thing

I think you might be angry with me if you knew about my voting this past Tuesday. I am angry with myself as well. But in my defense, I was an hour and a half drive away from the county in which I am registered to vote. And, well, I was busy 8-7, 9-10. Polls were open 6-7, so I could have left at 4:30 in the morning to vote; but, well, I didn't.

Now, despite my unexpected non-participation in the elections this year, I had actually done a bit of research on the propositions and local government offices that were up for election. It worries me that people who go to the polls may be well-informed about the presidential elections but unaware that there are in fact other people on the ballot. I think we ourselves fell into this trap at some point when we considered voting for Dr. Hedstrom in the last presidential election. I know I did wrong by not voting and I regret it. But tell me this. Is it better to be an uninformed voter, or is it better to not vote at all if you don't do the research?

Though it was the source of my non-participation, I do have to say that I am in love with living in this city. I have a ten minute commute as opposed to my normal 90 minute commute. I don't have to leave for school before the sun rises, and I get to come home at a decent hour. I feel normal again.

James is taking his EMT course and he just learned how to do IVs yesterday and is quite excited about it. I asked him to explain to me how he would find the vein and how he would do the IV, but he could not find the vein in my arm. He's starting to boast again that he knows more than you, so I think you should have a talk with him and set him straight.

The house that we are renting for the month is covered from floor to ceiling in wall paper. Lots and lots of garish wallpaper. Even on the ceiling. It reminded me of that home stay we had with the interior decorator who went all crazy with her draperies. (You know, the one with the game 'The Exciting Career Game for Boys?') I think the previous owner of this home was also an interior decorator. It makes me nervous about how these people are influencing other peoples' decorating decisions. We also have a fireplace, which seems nice, but Hazel keeps trying to crawl inside and then she is full of soot and so every time she jumps around she lets off a puff of soot. It's good for her to have a new place to explore, but she's becoming brazen and unruly with her new freedom.

Do you get to have thanksgiving off? I am having a few of my group members over for thanksgiving which will be nice. Obviously then I will be staying in Arizona for the holiday, but in the end I found that I would be able to go to Sheri's wedding, so I will be home the weekend before Thanksgiving. If you find yourself in Wisconsin for some reason the weekend before Thanksgiving, you should let me know.

Keep me updated on how you are doing.



Amy said...

I can't believe you didn't vote. I mean, I'll excuse you and all, because I love you, but come on! Babe! Early voting! I guess we really pushed for it here in Iowa, especially in my city. Maybe not so much in AZ.

Karen said...

I didn't know I was going to be gone! We waited up until the last minute to move--until we made sure that James had funding so that we weren't paying out of pocket to stay some place else. His job is sort of last minute on the details.

Plus! I wasn't sure where to go for early voting either. Because I tried, and it didn't work out. The weekend before we left, I went to the courthouse, which was closed, and then I went to the library, and they handed me a pamphlet on someone to contact about early voting, but the librarian told me it may be too late. And then it just didn't happen.

I know, I'm terrible.