Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I never know what to title these things.

Oh I love your seamless shoulder. It's beautiful.

I'm hoping to be able to salvage the gloves. The original pattern was actually for fingerless gloves, which is why I thought of going that route. But honestly, what's the point of making something so warm if it's not even going to have fingers on it? It just doesn't make sense. I like your idea about knitting every other row in the newly dyed yarn. But even better, I suppose, is that I'm knitting with two strands of the yarn, so perhaps once I dye a new batch I can combine the new with the old in that way. We'll see. I was already planning to take out the fingers and re-do some of the fair isle to save on blue.

I'm sorry to hear you've been sick. Are you feeling any better? James chose this week to get sick as well, with a fever the last few days and a congested cold. It's not exactly the best time for him to be sick, but the drugs seem to help. Plus having a rabbit. Last evening his fever completely disappeared for a few hours, and I am convinced that this act of fortune coincided with the extended amount of time that he spent with a rabbit snuggled next to him in the chair. I tell you, rabbits solve everything. Well, almost.

Hey, I should do some work.


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