Wednesday, December 5, 2007



Good days! I, for the first time in a long time, somewhat enjoyed biochemistry class. It was absolutely delightful. Not the class, but understanding it.

I worked on these the week before thanksgiving and never got too excited about them. The pattern is Dashing from Knitty, and it's a great pattern and cable, the yarn just doesn't fit. It's too thin and not thick and cushy. It's some old Kona that I dyed for the Baby Surprise Jacket. I think I might frog it and try them with something else. I'm still pondering.

I really haven't worked on the Latvian Mittens very much, but I'm in love with them so far. This is the chart I'm doing, with the blue and gold yarn from Syvilla Tweed-Bolson from above.

The tag reads Spælsaugarn Brodergarn, Røros-Tweed Møllsikkert.

I know that spælsau is the type of Norwegian sheep it comes from. (Here's for the bio nerds.)

I really love this wool. It's got the roughness of the spælsau's double coat, but I think it will felt really well. It also gives me the perfect gauge I wanted with US 000 needles.

Ignoring the wall, the colors are most accurate in this picture.

I also did a little dying of some Kona fingering in "Campfire Embers" for Kris's mom for Christmas, and also found a CD for Kris's dad! I am so with it right now, it's amazing. Kris's mom has been knitting lately, and I think she enjoys it. Maybe I should enclose some needles? Hmmmmm. It's a bit more variegated and a deeper than I could capture or fix back to it's original. Kris's mom used to be a pretty hardcore hiker (like in actual mountains and sleeping in bear cages), hence the name.

Lastly, a bit of spinning. I want a hat. This is some chunky fun stuff. I rather enjoy it so far! I don't think it will take wear worth anything, but it's decent for now.

Back to the grindstone,

2 comments: said...

The blue sleeves? mittens? that you are knitting on the Norwegian yarn looks gorgeous!!! What are you doing knitting with Norwegian yarn in the middle of the US? (I am an American living in Norway). Thank you by the way for the nice comments awhile back on my blog!

Karen said...

Hey, I've been eyeing that same pattern from latvian mittens. I cannot knit it, though. I have no yarn.