Tuesday, December 4, 2007

pre-study post


I am on ravelry now! And I have a cute haircut. Those are unrelated subjects. I am on ravelry, but I have no account. That needs to be worked on . . . Hey, you know what? Now that I don't have an overwhelming amount of sock creatures to stitch together, I'm actually speeding through some knitting projects. This is delightful. This feels novel. I'm finishing things before I have time to buy more yarn and I still have so many projects in mind. I'm inspired by your random island fair isle. I was actually coveting the endpaper mitts, but I think I need a smaller project to jump into fair isle.

Do you name all of your projects? That's a lovely name, random island. I think I'm too indecisive with my naming to think of names for my projects. You must tell me your method for fair isle. My attempts at continental knitting have been slow, and I don't know how my fingers would appreciate having to handle two sets of yarn.

You have a future in knitting modeling. I think your hat helped to set the proper vogue knitting mood.

This is the last day I will have to study biochemistry, isn't that exciting? The test is tomorrow, and after that I am free! Is it not interesting that we both despise the intersection between our two majors?

I need to do some studying now. I would upload pretty pictures, but it's funny how the camera being on the other side of the room is enough to keep me from going through the effort.

Keep warm and snug in your new sweater. Dream of straw bale houses.


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