Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Running Entry


Biochem week=doom. As we all know. But, just as a quick running update until I take pics and put them up, I finished the blue merino sweater, I finished (excepting the liners) the entrelac gloves, and I found yarn for the beloved Latvian mittens I am, no strike that, was dying to make. Now I have my supplies:

Roros-tweed brodergarn!

Yup, I stopped by Syvilla's. In case anyone else wonders, Syvilla Tweed-Bolson is the LYS you've always wanted. Kind of. I mean, since she is mail order and sells mostly traditional Norwegian yarn from her basement you can't 1)visit all the time and 2)get whatever. Pretty much just Norwegian yarn. This time, when I called her up to visit and almost missed her, but I found her! I forgot to bring money with me though, and so she sent me off with my yarn and was like, "Oh, come back sometime with the monies." Anyhow, running entry, I've got some super thing beautiful perfect spaelsau yarn (traditional Norwegian sheep) and the Latvian mittens are off and running. Now I just have to find out how to get rid of the color jog.

Lots of studying. I had a mini-mental breakdown yesterday. And I studied the wrong material.

La la la! 4 more weeks until I am done with the semester!


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