Friday, October 26, 2007



My mantra for the day was, it will be alright. . . and it was. It is. James passed. I will not even attempt to express how relieved I feel.

I also wanted to say that while I was waiting for this phone call I was sitting outside reading my lab manual, and I noticed this guy who was skateboarding, trying to jump down a few concrete steps and ultimately falling each time and hitting the grass in a full-body roll. I realized that I have new-found respect for him. He was willing to fall in front of people.

I had another realization. I saw a girl wearing super-man pajama pants and realized it was the first time this year I had seen anyone wearing pajama pants. It made me think of Justin. The first time I saw anyone wearing such articles of clothes in public when I was in a T-ball club as a young child. For one of our practices it would be decided that we should all come in our pajamas. I'm not sure this act was motivated by a desire to drive us to greater heights of T-ball perfection. We weren't so competitive in those days. I like people who wear pajama pants in public.


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