Wednesday, October 31, 2007



Big Update in my life!!!

Phosphorylase = Glycogen Phosphorylase

Phosphorylase ≠ Phosphorylase kinase

What's more,
Phosphorylase ≠ Phosphorylase kinase ≠ Phosphoprotein Phosphatase ≠ Phosphoglucomutase





Also, Phosphorylase A = Pac man. As in the video game. Because he likes to eat glucoses off of glycogenl one at a time.

If you understand this, then you can continue to live. However, in all actuality, if you don't understand this, you will likely still live.

This is a reenactment of biochemistry tutoring today:

A:"What catalyzes that reaction?"

T"Phosphorylase kinase."

A"Oh, is that Pac Man?"

T:"No, that's later."

A:"I thought Pac Man was phosphorylase?"

T:"It is. When it's phosphorylated."

A:"So what phosphorylates it?"

T:"Phosphorylase kinase, except when phosphoprotein phosphatase switches the phosphate group, and will dephosphorylate Phosphorylase A to Phosphorylase B."


Oh. My. Word. It's like "Who's on first?" with Abbott and Costello.

I started this because I thought the camera was going again, and worked, and I took a picture of the almost completed sweater...and then it stopped.

But the point remains! The blue sweater, the first sweater I will ever complete, if I can work through the last couple of inches of ribbing at the bottom and sew on a sleeve (and hide the ends) is almost done. Which would be lovely. It's 41 F, and I'm a freezing in class. Sometimes they still have the air conditioning on. Basically, if doctors ruled the world (which they do in our Health-Science Campus...except a few lawyers nearby) it would be very cold and the air conditioning would be on all the time. I'm glad they don't.

Happy Halloween, babe. If there's anything scarier than biochemistry, I don't know what it is. Maybe no knitting?


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Karen said...

I'll phosphotase your phosphorylase.