Tuesday, July 17, 2007

What? There are trees here?


This is basically what New Mexico looks like. Scruffy. Pretty much all over. Not a preponderance of trees, though there are some in the cities. A little dusty, a little dry. So imagine our surprise when we found that there exists a place in the state such as this:

Can you believe that this is the same state? It's up in the higher altitude, so it's cooler, tree-studded and smells like Christmas. This is where James and I spent our weekend, camping and enjoying fresh air, though smelling ourselves predominantly of campfire smoke. Just looking at the picture makes me want to breathe in deeply and put on some warmer clothes. I've got two weekends left in this state, and if possible we're going to spend at least one of those back here in the beautiful wilderness.

This, by the way, is me poking at glowing coals. Despite the fact that it rained two afternoons in a row (with the likelihood of rain every day nearing 100%), we were able to start two roaring fires. James has that wilderness thing under control. He knew how to scavenge to find all of our dry wood.

That said, holy crap Amy you posted a lot while I was gone. I'm sorry I wasn't available to help you with your yarn crisis. But it looks like you got things under control. I'm pretty sure if I were in your shoes (which would of course be stylish and too big for me), I would go insane. How many projects do you have going on? Oh, that's right. Too many for you to even count. So many that you lose track of the projects you're working on! Ahh!! This would disable me. This would drive me insane. I would forget where I was or how a pattern went or what row I was on or, like you, how many projects I was even working on. I have respect for you, that you are able to juggle so many yarns at the same time, but still, I wouldn't want to join you.

I am a one-track mind. A one-track project person (well, I've got sewing projects going on, but only one knitting project right now). I'm all, get that one thing done before you even look at buying yarn, or think of starting another project. Not that I have to even sensor myself. That's just the way I am. Which lends itself into other aspects of my life as well. I'll sit down and finish one homework assignment until it's done before starting another. One book at a time. One goal at a time (helped me finish the sock creatures, since I couldn't afford to be distracted by other ideas). It will probably make me a poor researcher, because I'm pretty sure to be good at that, you've got to be thinking all the time of what comes next, with what other venues one might experiment. I think we have drastically different approaches.

By the way, I wanted to mention with the quilt thing, I have no need as of yet for a sewing machine. My estimations predict that it may take an extraordinary amount of time to build up reserves of fabric and to cut each piece into miniature squares and then arrange all of these squares into some type of watercolor goodness before I am anywhere near ready to sew. The nice thing I like about this watercolor business is that I can be on the constant lookout for proper types of fabric. I need so many types of fabric that I can just buy willy nilly with some basic idea of what I'm looking for but with no specifics necessary (at least as of yet). It's quite different than any of my yarn-buying tactics, and so I am enjoying the diversity. Someday, somewhere, I will purchase a sewing machine, but probably not until I'm nearer to needing it.

Speaking of machines, you made mention of a spinning machine. Wow, that's exciting! Less portable (I don't think you'll be bringing that on the bus for your commute each day), but definitely fabulous. I want a picture. Most of the spinning wheels I've seen in person have been antique things that are generally obsolete except for some rustic asthetic value that is affirmed while sitting in the corner of a room, looking dusty. And rustic. I imagine yours is slightly more practical. How exciting. Be careful not to prick your finger. Wait! Can you prick your finger on it? Or was that something else? Maybe I'm getting my stories mixed up.

I'm going to prepare a sandwich and not worry about the logistics of spinning.

Happy fibering!


PS. What's up with the Iowa fair thing? I mean, are these up for judging? Is a blue ribbon coming your way? Or are they going to sell your masterpieces? My favorite part of the state fair was always the baby bunnies. And the baby ducks.

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