Monday, July 30, 2007

Shaking the dust off my feet


I'm leaving tomorrow for AZ and our new home, and I'm not sure what length of time it will take to set up internet, so this might be it for a while. Hopefully not too long though. I don't know if it's a problem on my part or yours, but I was unable to view the pictures from your last post, which was sorely disappointing. You have been busy! And knowing your work, and from your lovely descriptions, it sounds like you crafted some delicious knits. I would give you lots of ribbons if I were in charge of the fair.

So you figured out how to read the Norwegian pattern for the mittens? Well, I guess the most important part was the pattern chart, and that's not in any language. I don't know what to tell you about the color combo. I'm assuming the child's pair you made were traditional black and white? Which may mean you'd be interested in some fancy color mixing for a change of taste. I might agree. White and black are classic, but if you put in colors, you own it more. Not that I feel qualified to say which colors to choose. I'm insecure in my color sampling. But obviously something with high contrast. A dramatic pattern like that deserves a dramatic color contrast. Sorry I can't be more help.

I have a question for you. I was pondering felting. What would happen if a cabled item was felted? Would it retain any of its cabled qualities, or would the design just sort of melt into the background of the felting? Hmmm.

I was surprised to hear that you went camping as well last weekend. Isn't it wonderful to smell like campfire smoke? We learned a cheater method, which was that soggy wood lights better with lighter fluid. Oh, this lovely spot where we went, I could live there. I could move to this town. It's charming and cultural and has an art co-op and rows of family-owned small businesses with quality products. Not to mention trees. It's only draw-back is its extraordinarily tiny grocery store, well, that and the severe lack of chemistry jobs in the area. But still. Lovely place. Went back there last weekend. Lovely.

Sleepy. Going to fall into bed. Goodnight. When do you start learning activities? How long until you're a doctor?


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