Monday, July 16, 2007



I had to re-read my last post. Because I was planning for a shawl. A knitted shawl. An intricate, knitted lace shawl.

I have the yarn, a gorgeous white alpaca ready for the dye.

We all know that if I dye that yarn, that all is lost, no?

In any case, I'm so freaked out. I realized I was off by two rows (which is really not that bad, all considering) in the right front half of my cardigan, and so I was pondering whether to rip when I put the right half and the left half together. I'll get to pics later today. However, I must far, if we look at about the same points on each, the right half is about 2-3 inches longer. What the heck?

This is in no way good. I'm going to have to get you some pics tonight, as well as try and dissect this problem somehow. They're the same width! But the length is screwed up. Seriously. Which is why I wanted to stop and make a lace shawl instead. Because gauge doesn't screw with you as much on shawls.

I must keep reading my last post. Doctor Who, Doctor Who, over 12 feet long, must dye loads of yarn, still must embroider stockings for fair, must finish baby Norwegian Selbu mittens...must finish...


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