Monday, July 9, 2007

Apartment and a Mountain


I lied. I didn't go to meet aliens and teach them how to knit. I missed several exciting events like an alien costume contest, 1947 era street dance, as well as a workshop lecture entitled "Ufology's Occult Fringe Realms: Reptilian Overlords, Military Abductions, Masonry, Mind Control, and the New World Order." There were actually quite a lot of events that I missed. Oh, and I heard at the concert they were holding on Friday, they were going to have actual abductions from the audience with possible prizes to win. I missed out with the aliens. Instead of visiting the aliens, I went apartment shopping in Arizona.

And I have an apartment!!! It is so beautiful!

We decided to go apartment shopping on the weekend so that James could come with. Unfortunately, I left my camera behind, so I can't show you the beautiful mountainy view from our new apartment window. Or the mountainy view that I have driving to work (which will hopefully lessen the dullness of an hour and a half commute to and from every day).

But I am so excited about our apartment!! It's really lovely. Overpriced, but less than the apartment we're in now. And it's actually clean and doesn't have cigarette burns on the carpet or an air conditioning unit that spits water at you whenever you walk underneath it. What it does have is all new appliances and a nice neighborhood.

We stayed overnight at my friend Elisa's house. We were friends from highschool. She was at the wedding, you might remember her--the one who died her hair bright pink. Oh, it was so nice to see her again. Unfortunately, since we didn't know her boyfriend very well and they didn't know James, it was kind of like a Karen-Elisa fest with some extra people. I mean, it wasn't that bad, it's just that the majority of the time we had more things to say.

This is a picture of the mitten cuff that I brought along but didn't work on. I get nervous knitting in the car unless it's on circular needles. I feel like if I get in an accident I'm likely to impale myself. So I didn't much work on any knitting. But I couldn't resist starting a mitten. I was in a mitteny mood. It'll likely end up being a gift, since there's little need for excess warmth in the desert, but maybe it will make Christmas time easier. I like the
warm pinkness of the whole thing.

I hope DC went well for you. I'm sure it was patriotic if nothing else. You really missed out on the spelling bee. The boy who won was a little genius with social problems who didn't even like spelling. Is it bad that the time I spent watching the bee was mostly spent laughing?

Until later,


Amy said...

Is that the yarn from Vanburia?

Karen said...

Why yes.