Tuesday, June 19, 2007



Sometimes I just feel like I'm being gently screwed over by everyone around me. And then they try to make excuses. "I found someone else," "I chose this other person," "I forgot to take that post down."

Just admit it, people. You're screwing with me. I've got a lot of wool, but it's not over my eyes. If I didn't have my wool and dye, I'd probably go throw some more shoes around my apartment right now.

I've got a lead on a Christian girl who is looking for someone with similar values/lifestyle.

I'm really scared of what that means. But her rent is a decent price, and she's got in-unit laundry. I mean, similar values/lifestyle could mean let's both not smoke pot or have big parties at our place, or it could mean 'I don't believe in evolution.'

Maybe it's all the people screwing me over killing the birds? I think they might be in collusion with that one woman about something big. And it involves me not getting an apartment and dead birds.

That's really creepy that the birds don't have feathers. Voodoo creepy?

I'm going to go meet some more people who are probably going to screw me over tonight.

Wish me luck!

P.S. Yes, I realize that these are truly nice good people. They don't know me. They have no allegience to putting a roof over my head. They aren't trying to screw me over. This is just my frustrations and ventilations, because if I really start screaming the neighbors would likely think that the girl who's subletting the apartment next door is getting killed or is crazy and call the police.

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